ISSUE No.4 May-June 2007




Country Profile: The Sultanate of Oman
The Path from Isolation into the Modern Age

Information from the Foreign Office

J.B. Gioacchino
Discreet Luxury by the Clock

New Regulations for Home Help in Force since 1 April 2007
The Long-Awaited Security?

Emirates Germany Business Summit [read article]
Bilateral Economic Summit in Frankfurt

On Board Lufthansa
DiscoverME Takes to the Air

CEDARS International coming up at Dubai Techno Park
Laying the foundation for a healthy future

Future prospects for UAE nationals
How the emiratization program seeks to boost local work force




Abu Dhabi Opens the Housing Market to Foreigners
The Fight for the Best Seats Begins

Burj Dubai [read article]
Only the Sky is the Limit

Al Fajer Properties
Creating Dubai’s First 5 Star Office Chain for the new Millennium




Private Schools in the UAE [read article]
Expensive Education without International Qualification?

Eduguide UAE
Guide to Schools

Study in Germany?
Ja! Yes!

Dubai Academic City
Knowledge is Power

Louvre Abu Dhabi
Art as an Economic Factor

Art & Islam
Contemporary Arab Art on the Up

A Chorus of Praise for Europe
Wintergarten Varietés Performance Tops the European Culture Month

Full Circle
Modern Art Exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Cultural Understanding
On Education in the UAE

Stolen Dreams
Arabic Poetry by Dr. Adnan Kaddaha

Arabic for Beginners
Varieties in the Language

Focus on Germany
Impressions of an Emirati Photographer

Gone with the Wind
AIDA’s Valiant Battle against the Elements and Mobile Phones

Intercultural Competence in the Global Village
How to Understand Your Fellow Men and Avoid a Culture Shock

Fata Morgana
Figment of the Imagination or Physical Phenomenon?

Follow the Women
Woman Power for Peace in the Middle East




Red Bull Air Race
Formula 1 of the Skies Flies over Abu Dhabi

Dubai World Cup [read article]
Invasor Wins the Six-Million-Dollar Race

Ferrari Emerge as Victors In Bahrain
Formula 1 Spectacle in the Desert




Get in Shape with Camel’s Milk [read article]
Ancient Customs versus Fast-food

Medical Advice
Diabetes mellitus

Royal Ballet School London in Dubai
Dance Elite Gives a Glimpse behind the Curtain


Exhibition Calendar

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