Dubai VAE, January 29th, 2007

German Television Channel VOX Discover's ME

Discover ME Magazine was recently on the spotlight as the German Television Channel VOX recently featured the fast rising German Culture and Business Magazine. Taking actual footages in Discover ME's office in Khalid Al Attar building and focusing on the day to day work and real craftmanship of the Discover ME team. A one on one interview with Discover ME's Managing Director and Editor in Chief Anne Susann Becker concluded the report.

The same day Discover ME and Channel VOX headed to Ras Al Khaimah to see the wonders of Bin Darwish Heritage Village. The crew was welcomed by Mr. Ali Bin Darwish.

An interview with the organizsers of the 2007 Awafi Festival enshrined the emirates ethnic and cultural heritages.

Full details of the report will be aired on German TV Channel VOX , 13th of February at 22:15 o'clock.