ISSUE No.2 January-February 2007

Dubai Shooting 2007
The World’s Richest Shooting Championship

Billed as the richest shooting competition in the world, this outstanding sporting event will take place from 5th to 7th February 2007 at the Jebel Ali International Shooting Club.  The tournament is held under the patronage of Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Hasher Al Maktoum and over 150 participants are expected from around the world. 

The total prize money will be AED one million, making Dubai Shooting 2007 one of the most lucrative shooting competitions in the world. H.E. Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Hasher Al Maktoum brought the 1st Olympic Gold for the UAE in 2004. Dubai Shooting 2007 marks the beginning of his vision to promote the sport amongst young nationals and the international population of the UAE.

Jebel Ali International Shooting Club has already been the training ground for many world renowned shooters. The first noticeable feature of the facility is the original Olympic-standard Shooting Club whose impressive fortress style architecture overlooks the area.  This indoor and outdoor shooting academy was built according to international safety standards and makes the exciting sport of recreational and competitive shooting easily accessible to all.

The five outdoor floodlit clay-shooting ranges are equipped to cater for all seven clay-shooting disciplines including Olympic Skeet and Trapshooting.  In trapshooting, contestants fire their twelve-gauge shotguns at the moving targets from a series of five positions called ‘stations’, located 15 meters behind the trap.  Skeet shooting offers a greater number of shooting angles, with two traps, located 36.58 meters apart, releasing the clay targets alternately or simultaneously along fixed intersecting paths. 

Professional coaching, including all shooting equipment is offered at the Jebel Ali Shooting Academy, for both individuals and groups.  The instructors introduce aspiring shooters by covering the basic safety rules of shooting safety and gun handling.

Inside the Shooting Club a Cinetronic Firearms Simulator Room gives beginners the opportunity to be safely introduced to the art of aiming and shooting. A detailed computerised report of the shooter’s speed of reaction and decision-making accuracy is produced after the sessions.  The club also has a 5,000 square metre soft sand archery range, allowing as many as 12 participants to safely enjoy archery at the same time. 

Testimony to the Jebel Ali International Shooting Club’s excellence is the fact that it has been chosen as the official venue of Dubai Calibre 2005, the World Cup Shotgun Championships and ‘Dubai Shooting 2007’, the world’s richest shooting event.