Discover ME – German culture and business magazine in the Middle East

About us

Discover ME is the first German language culture and business magazine in the Middle East. Discover ME is edited by German journalists and is distributed in the United Arab Emirates as well as in Germany. Through professional reporting on the scene, up to date and authentic information flow is guaranteed. We track down new trends in the Middle East, analyze facts and edit information for the readership. The bi-monthly issues shall help to get an objective insight into life in the Middle East.



Latest information in the field of economy, trade and finance in the Middle East is delivered here. Discover ME reports about German companies that are already successfully engaged in the region and also shows ways for such companies that prepare to enter the market in the Middle East. Dubai as Asia’s largest trade and economy hub is forming the center of reporting.

We explain Arabic traditions and historical backgrounds in the cultural chapter of Discover ME. The magazine considers itself as a mediator between the Western and Arabic World and is aiming to present cultural differences in an objective way. Arabic language training as well as essays about intercultural dialogue shall motivate our readers to deal open mindedly and without prejudice or fear towards the culture in the Middle East.

Since long time ago Dubai is host for spectacular sport events such as Horse Racing Dubai World Cup or the Dubai Tennis Open. The whole Middle East is getting more important for sports competitions. The Formula 1 found its way into the desert with great success. Discover ME informs about important sport events in the region and also portraits typical Arab sport competitions.

Discover ME reports about life in the Middle East from the perspective of German business men, tourists and expatriates. Central topics are reports about experiences, travel reports and anecdotes. Special attention is given to the field of healthcare. Beside that, Discover ME delivers a list of the best hotels, restaurants and night-clubs. The magazine considers itself to be a practical and up to date reference book for German speaking business travelers and tourists.



The German team of Discover ME delivers extensive information about life in Arab countries. Thus the recent business, cultural and sportive events will be updated for the readers. Discover ME describes the multifaceted aspects of the Middle East through objective reporting from a German point of view. We consider ourselves as ambassadors between the cultures and we try to facilitate the start for new arrivals in the United Arab Emirates.



The bi-monthly editions of Discover ME do mainly address the German speaking community within the UAE, business travelers and tourists. Our emphasis is on the German market where there is a great need for trustworthy and factual reporting about the Middle East. Discover ME is read by business men as well as tourists and private persons having a great interest in the region.


Target Group

  • German-speaking inhabitants of the UAE: Germans, Austrians and Swiss (around 15,000)
  • German-speaking tourists who plan a trip to the UAE (2009: 700,000 tourists from Germany)
  • German-speaking business travelers commuting between Europe and the UAE
  • German-speaking people all over the world with an interest in the UAE



  • 16,500 copies bi-monthly within the UAE.
  • Daily on all Lufthansa flights between Germany - UAE (First & Business class) and Germany – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Sudan, Bahrain (First & Business class).
  • Daily on all airberlin flights between Germany and UAE
  • Daily on all Etihad Airways flights between Germany and Abu Dhabi. 
  • 3000 copies are circulated under the controlled free distributions with the volume of distributions concentrating on top German-speaking and local business decision makers, young urban professionals, students, homemakers and tourists who are interested about the Middle East’s newest developments.
  • The magazine is sold since January 2008 at selected Carrefour, Spinneys, Choitram and Geant Hypermarkets within the UAE. DiscoverME is also available at Mall based bookstores like Magrudy’s and Books Plus, News Centre and Kinokuniya.
  • DiscoverME is in close cooperation with German or German speaking organizations like German, Swiss and Austrian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, German and Swiss Consulate in Dubai, German-Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce, Swiss Business Councils, BHF Bank Representative Office Abu Dhabi, German Academic Exchange Service, German Technical Cooperation, Goethe Institute Gulf Region, German Schools in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Copies are available through Early Bird Home Delivery Service within the UAE.


Subscription fees (yearly / 6 issues)

  • AED 210 within the UAE
  • AED 300 within GCC
  • AED 410 within Europe



Discover ME is distributed in the United Arab Emirates as well as in Germany. The magazine is available in large shopping malls, book stores and hotels. In virtue of the close cooperation with German organizations and authorities Discover ME is constantly available wherever Germans are – inside and outside Germany.