ISSUE No.5 July - August 2007




Travel Tip Muscat [read article]
Booming Tourism Destination

Information from the Foreign Office

Relocation to the UAE
Part1: Visa Regulations

Emirates Germany Business Summit
Great Expectations on Both Sides

Airport Show Dubai
World Central sets Course for new World Record

GCC Currency Reform
Is the Project Doomed Due to the Weak US-Dollar?

Stock Market UAE
For Investors Who Don’t Mind Taking a Risk

Introduction of Toll Fees in Dubai
Dubai hopes for Solution to Traffic Problems

CEDARS J.A.I.H. celebrates its Anniversary
Looking back on one more year of growth and progress

Water as an Economic Factor
How to get Water in the Desert?




Al Fajer Properties Woos Italian Investors to Dubai Realty
Soccer Hero Luis Figo among Celebrity Investors

Desert Islands [read article]
Caribbean dreams on the Gulf




A Thousand and One Nights [read article]
Stories from the East

Intercultural Understanding
Redefinition of the concept of Power in the world of today

Arabic for Beginners
Hello and Good-Bye

30 years of German School in Abu Dhabi
Foreign School with International Flair

Prof. Dr. Udo Steinbach
The Role of the Germans in the Gulf

Ibn Battuta’s Journey to the Ends of the Earth
The Arab Globetrotter from the 14th Century

Arabia on the Way to a Knowledge Society
HH Sheikh Mohammed Donates Ten Billion US-dollars

The Emirates on its Way to Modern Age
Part 1: Healthy Dogs and other Misunderstandings

Years later
Arabic Poetry by Dr. Adnan Kaddaha

Tears of the Gods




The Fascination with the Arabic Undersea World
[read article]
Discover the Most Beautiful Diving Regions in Egypt, Oman and the




Ten Years of Dubai Summer Surprises [read article]
The Shopping Festival takes off with numerous highlights during its 10th Anniversary

Hallo Dubai
Monthly News for Fans of the Desert Metropolis

From the Desk to Family Life
Interview with Jürgen Steltzer, German Ambassador, Ret.

Police Choir of Munich
Gentle Tones in the Middle East

Jumanah`s Mirror
No to Exercise!

Medical Advice
Put your health first in order to enjoy the summer!

Museums & Fun Parks
Places to go in Summer

Hotels - Cafés - Bars - Restaurants