ISSUE No.2 January-February 2007




German-Arab Business Relationship [read article]
Intercultural Negotiation Competence as an Economic Success Factor

German Solar Symposium in Abu Dhabi
Renewable Energies for the Future of the Land of the Sun

German-Egyptian Year of Science
Bilateral Cooperation for Research and Theory

Information of the Foreign Ministry

GTZ - Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
How German Know-How is Deployed Successfully in the Gulf States

Tolls in Dubai from 2007
How the Acute Traffic Problem can be Solved

Qatar - The Pearl of the Gulf [read article]
Overview of Countries in the Middle East




Dubai's Daily Wonders of the World [read article]
Artificial Islands, Divine Towers and New Historic Towns Characterise the Face of Dubai

Price Development in the Emirates
Racing Down a Oneway Street




Islamic Holidays [read article]
Modern Meets Tradition

Help! We're Moving!
How Packing Cases, Removal Men and Co. Reach the New House Without the Family Drama

A Moment
Arabic poetry by Dr. Adnan Kaddaha

Winds of Change
German Artist Ines Landmesser's New Work Does Not Only Appeal to Art Buffs

Meister Singers in the Emirati Capital
The Foundation of the International Richard Wagner Association

The Petroleum Institute Abu Dhabi
Economic Interests Encourage an Interest in the German Language

About the art rhetoric

Cultural Unterstanding
Social coexistence vs. social integration in the U.A.E.

The Baghdad Railway
The Stony Road to the Orient

amigofilm productions
Pictures Speak Louder Than Words

Cultural Coaching
Wael Al Sayegh on the Cultural Basis of Life in Dubai

German TV comes to the Gulf-Region
Inauguration of "DW-Punkt" in Abu Dhabi

French Flair in the United Arab Emirates

Flashback / Forward
A visual timeline of cultural practices in the Middle East

United Arab Emirates Turn 35
The German Symphony Orchestra of Berlin Pays Tribute in the Emirates Palace

The Art of Small Stones
Ray Kunzmann presents his work at the Awafi Festival in Ras Al Khaimah

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi
A Mosque to End all Mosques

Arabic for beginners
How to introduce yourself





Asian Games 2006
The Ultimate Games in the Sheikdom of Qatar

Al Habtoor Tennis Challange 2006
Bringing to Dubai the stars of tomorrow

Formula 1 Makes its Entrance in the Desert
Arab Racing Driver Dreams of Following in Schuhmacher's Footsteps

Teeing Off in Abu Dhabi
The European Golf Championship Tour Opener

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
The Latest Treatment Methods for Noble Patients

Dubai Shooting 2007 [read article]
The World's Richest Shooting Championship




Jumanah's mirror
Do we see the world with the same eyes?

Jumana - Secret of the Desert [read article]
An unparalleled journey to ancient Arabia

Medical Advice
Gallstones (Cholelithiasis)

Arab Health
German Companies Back Booming Health Market in the Gulf


Exhibition Calendar

Hotels - Cafés - Bars - Restaurants